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Aident is on the major converters of the following types of Industrial Labels in Malaysia:-

  • Security & Barcode Labels;
  • Nameplates; and
  • Die Cut Component.

Customized Labels
Customized Labels refer to Labels that combine materials and or printing features according to customers' specific requirements. Aident works on a comprehensive range of materials ranging from various papers and polymeric films as face materials for the production of customised Labels. Types of polymeric materials used are as follows:-
  - Polyimide (Kapton TM);
  - Polyester (Mylar TM);
  - PC (Lexan TM);
  - PE;
  - Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC); and
  - Others include acetate and orientated PP.

In addition, Aident also has in-house capabilities to print on the following types of material:-
  - Metal, such as aluminium and copper and
  - Satin and nylon.

Malaysia Label Converters


Security Labels
Security Labels refer to Labels that incorporate one or more anti-counterfeiting or anti-forgery attributes such as holograms. This type of Label is commonly used for tamper evident applications and asset identification purposes. Examples of the Security Labels converted by Aident includes:-
  - Ultra destructible Labels;
  - Void Labels;
  - Tamper evident Labels;
  - Customized Security Labels;
  - Water sensitive Labels; and
  - Security seals.

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Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels refer to Labels printed with array of rectangular bars and spaces, which are arranged in a predetermined pattern following unambiguous rules in a specific ways to represent elements of data which are referred to as characters. Aident has in-house capabilities to print resolution of 300-600 dots per inch ("dpi"), dense black, sharp mages onto plain white and/or pre-printed Labels. Typically it can produce large or very small text, simple logos, consecutively numbered Labels, picket fence or ladder bar codes for tracking applications.

Currently, Aident uses the thermal transfer process, laser printing process and the direct thermal printing process to print Barcode Labels and our facilities consist of the followings:-

Scanner - 2D scanner, laser scanner and fast speed scanner.
Printer - Zebra, TEC, Datamax and Argox
Software - Bar Tender, Label Matrix and Label View

Malaysia Barcode Labels


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